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Tradition Rooted In Science

Since ancient times, peoples from around the globe have turned to plants to maintain and restore their health. Science is now deepening our understanding of how these plants work to support our well-being – and which ones might benefit you.

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The Scientific Benefits of Botanical Coffee

At Wildcrafter, we use whole plants so you don’t miss out on any of health benefits. Herbalists believe that whole plants like rhodiola, ashwagandha and more contain active parts that contribute to overall health and wellness—not just a single compound. The same way that eating an orange is more beneficial than just getting vitamin C. 

Adaptogens are a category of plants that act in a general and gentle way to support the body’s natural response to stress. Whether the stressor is external (e.g., demanding job, worrying over finances, caring for parents/children) or internal (e.g., poor diet, lack of sleep) – adaptogens can help bring your body back into balance.

Some adaptogens are calming, others are mildly, stimulating, some are supportive of focus and working memory, while others help support a healthy immune response. 

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Purposeful Blends

Wildcrafter founder Tieraona Low Dog, MD, is considered one of the world’s leading experts in botanical medicine and has seen the power of adaptogens firsthand in her forty year career.

Adding the power of plants to something as simple as your coffee can have a potent effect on health and wellbeing and every plant and mushroom that makes its way into your cup has purpose—whether to boost your energy, channel your focus, instill a sense of calm, or support your immunity.

We believe you deserve to know exactly what goes into your coffee, which is why we share every ingredient in our blends down to the milligram. The meaningful amounts of botanicals and mushrooms in Wildcrafter blends are captured in the dietary supplement facts panel found on every bag or box.

Just Clean, 100% Organic Arabica Coffee

We take quality very, very seriously. Every batch of our botanicals and coffee beans is tested for heavy metals, harmful microbes, and 300 pesticides/herbicides. This is more than what most companies do and it takes a lot of effort, but it ensures that you’re getting high quality coffee and the benefits you’re looking for.

You can feel confident that we never ship coffee until we consider it perfect. This way, you can not only enjoy our purposefully crafted wellness blends, but you can feel good about every sip you take.

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Feel The Benefits of Whole Plants

We use whole plants, not isolates, to ensure you are getting all of their health benefits. We consider the whole root, flower, or herb to be the “active” part. The same way we believe that eating an orange delivers more than just vitamin C. Here’s to wholeness.

Why Only 3 Cups Per Day?

Science recommends 2-4 cups of coffee per day for maximal health benefits. Where you fall on the spectrum will likely depend upon your sensitivity to caffeine.

  • 10% of Americans rapidly metabolize caffeine – These hyper-metabolizers of caffeine can down a shot of espresso and head straight to bed.
  • 10% of Americans feel the effects of caffeine all day – These hypo-metabolizers generally do best with 1 cup per day, or decaf.
  • 80% of us metabolize caffeine normally – Two to four cups of coffee per day should feel just about right for this group.

Wildcrafter botanically infused organic coffee contains antioxidant-rich coffee with meaningful amounts of high-quality herbs, so you’ll get the wellness boost you’re looking for without having to mainline caffeine all day long, because of this we recommend that you don’t drink more than 3 K-Cups® per day of one of our blends.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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