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Wildcrafter adds the power of botanicals to 100% organic Arabica coffee, so you get more health benefits from every sip.

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Botanically Infused Organic Coffee

Inner Warrior

Awaken your inner warrior to combat day-to-day burnout. Because every day needs a hero.

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Creative Genius

Feel like a creative genius with an inspired ritual that helps hone your self-discipline and keep you on track.

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Spiritual Chill

Wherever you have K-Cup® can be your sanctuary to rest and recover-and let your spirit chill.

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Immune Shield

Shield your immune system to enhance your body's natural stress response*.

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Wildcrafter Botanicals Is My Dream Cup of Coffee

“As a functional medicine practitioner, Wildcrafter Botanicals is my dream cup of coffee due to its synergistic use of high-quality organic coffee and adaptogenic herbs. Whether I am looking for a boost of energy or to re-focus, a single cup is all I need to reap the amazing benefits.”

Dr. Will Cole — Functional medicine practitioner, IFMCP, DC, and Ketotarian and The Inflammation Spectrum Author


The Medicine Road

  • A Blend of Tradition

    For Thousands of years, people from around the globe have turned to plants to nourish and restore their health.

  • Rooted in Science

    Now science has been able to verify how and why many of these herbs work and what they do—and which ones might benefit you.

  • Wellness Within Reach

    By weaving time—tested traditions with modern science, Wildcrafter has infused your coffee with the awesome power of herbs.

  • Live Your Best Medicine

    Feel your best with something as simple as K-Cup® coffee—without having to change your daily routine.

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Cultivating The Wild

1st Certified Recyclable Pod in the USA

Environmental Claims Validation™
By SCS Global Services

We’re proud to be using the 1st certified recyclable K-Cup® in the United States. These pods are made from material that can be collected, separated or otherwise recovered from a waste stream through an established recycling program. Recycling facilities are available to at least 60% of metropolitan communities where sold.


Logs denoting the different recycling verifications

From Seed To Sip

Weaving the power of plants into something as simple as your coffee can have a potent effect on health and wellbeing.

Supercharge Your Coffee

Purposeful Blends

Every botanical that makes its way into your cup has purpose – boost your energy, channel your focus, instill a sense of calm, protect your defenses.

Know The Science

Better Under Pressure

The K-Cup® system uses pressurized hot water to enhance the extraction of key compounds in our botanical blends.

Know The Science

Honest Potency

You deserve to know exactly what goes into your coffee. That’s why we share every ingredient in our blends down to the milligram.

Meet The Plants

Joy In The Craft

From root to flower, we craft with care to ensure a sustainable supply of botanicals for generations to come.

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Meet The Wildcrafter

Brought to you by Tieraona Low Dog, MD, a physician and one of the foremost experts on botanical medicine.

Meet The Wildcrafter

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